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Why does your stomach get cold during cardio?

Everyone who has ever done cardio, noticed one amazing thing: by the middle of the workout, the stomach begins to live its life separately from the body and change the temperature. And then there is a question, even two. Why does this happen and how does it affect the process of fat burning, for which many people start cardio training?

Why is my stomach cold?

During cardio training, the body needs to mobilize its strength to successfully cope with the load. To do this, he needs to organize a quick supply of oxygen to the muscles that are working at a given time. For example, to the same quadriceps. For this to happen, the body restricts blood flow to the internal organs and the intestines in particular. As a result, we feel cold in the abdomen.

From the point of view of physiology, this phenomenon can not be called extraordinary. Rather, on the contrary. Most athletes face it, and this is not the worst thing that the body can experience during cardio loads. Some things are less pleasant.

In many studies, experts note a number of other symptoms in runners, and many of them are associated with the gastrointestinal tract. The most common of these are nausea and bloating. As you can guess, one of the factors of this behavior of the digestive system is changes in blood flow, although it would be wrong to call it the only one.

By the way, poor blood supply to the digestive system is one of the reasons why eating too much right before training is not a good idea. The body simply will not be able to digest food quickly.

Is there a connection between a cold stomach and the fat burning process?

Of course, there is no direct connection, since the cause of the phenomenon lies in the change in blood flow. Of course, it changes as a result of physical exertion, and those in turn could affect the process of burning fat with sufficient duration, intensity and calorie deficit.

In general, the connection is conditional, so with the wrong training scheme and nutrition, even an icy stomach will not say that the figure will change for the better.

What should I do if my stomach is cold?

Relax and have fun. A cold stomach is the physiological norm, and there's nothing you can do about it. But if other symptoms like nausea and gas formation are added to this, then here's what you can do:

Avoid eating acidic foods on the day of your workout. These include all fermented milk products, bread, nuts, tea, coffee, a number of carbonated drinks and, of course, alcohol.
Do not eat too much before running. The best option is a light snack for one and a half to two hours before training, or a very light one - for 30 minutes.
Don't let yourself get dehydrated. Make sure that the water enters the body.
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