3 February 2022 1916

The Chairman of the NOC visited the shooting sports base

Currently, the members of the shooting team are also actively preparing for the new sports season. Today, the head of the NOC Rustam Shaabdurakhmanov visited the base of the Shooting Sports Federation.

First, Rustam Mavzurovich met with athletes and talked about the conditions created for them. After that, plans were discussed with the School of Higher Sports Skills, Federation officials, coaches.

"There is very little time left before the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. We are a united team. Whatever conditions are necessary on the way to a decent preparation for the competition, if you plan to participate in any tournament, let us know, we will help. With the support of the state, we will be able to achieve all the tasks set for us. When we went to many Federations, the coaches did not have a work plan, there was not a single official document that would indicate what goal they set for themselves and how they were going to achieve it. And here it's all there. We are pleased that your team is working with such responsibility and attention," Rustam Shaabdurakhmanov said.

The meeting focused on improving the material and technical base of the Federation. During the conversation, officials of the School of Higher Sports Skills were asked to create the necessary conditions for coaches, organize workplaces, equip the premises with the necessary materials.

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