1 February 2022 3130

The boxers underwent an in-depth medical examination

Today, representatives of the Uzbekistan national boxing team underwent another in-depth medical examination at the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Sports Medicine at the NOC. A total of 24 athletes were examined by doctors of narrow specialization.

During the examination, the anthropometric indicators of athletes were initially checked. Their height and weight were monitored using a device that measured the muscle and visceral fat layer in the body (bioimpedance).

The masters of the leather glove were examined during the day by narrow specialists of the Center - a neurologist, a sports doctor, a therapist, a traumatologist, a cardiologist, a dentist, an ophthalmologist, and blood tests were also taken from athletes.

Instrumental studies of Echocardiography, ultrasound examination and Veloergometry scanning with a load on the heart were performed. All the athletes were in a great mood, and no deep pathological changes were revealed during the main medical examination.

According to the results of the medical examination, after receiving the results of blood tests, the specialists of the RSPCSM will issue conclusions on the physical activity abilities of boxers and give the necessary recommendations.

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