17 August 2021 1574

Saken Polatov held a meeting with representatives of the Uzbekistan national boxing team

The Tokyo Olympic Games have ended. And this means that a new cycle has begun. After Tokyo 2020, preparations for the next competitions began. There are many tournaments ahead for Uzbek boxers.

Today, before the start of these competitions, the first deputy head of the boxing Federation and deputy chairman of the NOC of Uzbekistan Saken Polatov met with representatives of the national team and talked with them.

During the meeting, the changes that will be implemented in the work with the national team, plans for the future and other important points were discussed. Also, the head noted that every boxer has a chance.

"Now the composition of the national team will be determined by the decision of the coaching staff, consisting of several specialists. The number of training camps will be increased. Each of you has a goal. And to achieve this, you need to work hard. All the boxers who are present here are potential candidates for the 2024 Paris Olympics, as well as for the World Championships. All that is required of you is discipline and hard work. The strongest will participate in the competitions. When choosing a boxer, we do not look at your names. Everyone has a chance. I wanted you to feel that our Esteemed President pays special attention to boxing. We must respond to this only with victories, " Saken Polatov said.

During the meeting, it was also reported that the names of the representatives of the expanded composition are already known. It was also mentioned that this year 13 weight categories will operate at the World Championship.

The leader of our national team, Bahodir Zhalolov, and several other boxers spoke at the meeting, who expressed their opinion.

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