27 July 2021 1519

The federations of Japan and Uzbekistan will sign a cooperation agreement

On July 27, a meeting was held between the Vice-President of the Olympic Committee of Japan — Chairman of the bullet Shooting Federation Kichiro Matsumaru and the Secretary General of the Shooting Sports Federation of Uzbekistan Davranov Mardonbek.

The parties discussed the development of shooting sports in the region. Kichiro Matsumaru spoke about the training scheme of the national sports team of Japan, the design and construction of Olympic facilities.

The Vice-President of the Japanese Olympic Committee positively noted the ongoing work on the development of sports in Uzbekistan.

The representative of the Federation of Uzbekistan highly appreciated the work done to organize the Olympic Games and congratulated Japan on winning 16 medals.

The parties expressed their readiness to sign a cooperation agreement for the purpose of holding joint training camps, competitions, exchanging specialists and experience in the construction of sports facilities.

At the end of the meeting, the Vice-president of the Japanese Olympic Committee wished good luck to the delegation of Uzbekistan at the Olympic Games.

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