23 July 2021 1131

Official statement on the change of flag bearers of the delegation of Uzbekistan at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Today, the whole world watched the long-awaited opening ceremony of the XXXII Summer Olympic Games at the Olympia Stadium in Tokyo, which was also attended by the sports delegation of Uzbekistan.

The flag bearers in the delegation were boxer Bahodir Zhalolov and taekwondo athlete Nigora Tursunkulova.

In connection with the information actively discussed on Internet sites and in social networks about the change of flag bearers before the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan officially declares the following.

Tomorrow, as part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games program, our athletes will begin their participation in competitions in sports.

In particular, according to the regulations, boxing and gymnastics competitions will begin on July 24.

In this regard, after comprehensive discussions by the National Staff of Uzbekistan in Tokyo, together with coaches and specialists, it was decided that it would be advisable to replace the previously announced flag bearers — boxer Bobousmon Baturov and our famous gymnast Oksana Chusovitina, who will begin her performance in the qualifying stage on July 25.

As you know, the preparation and holding of such solemn ceremonies, as a rule, takes a long time, taking away a lot of strength from its participants, both physical (a long stay on their feet, a late return to the Olympic Village, etc.) and emotional.

With this in mind, the main purpose of the adopted collegial decision was to prevent the possible fatigue of the above-mentioned athletes before performances, as well as to ensure their proper physical and functional condition and the necessary psychological mood.

For information: Nigora Tursunkulova will start her participation in the tournament on July 26, and Bahodir Zhalolov — on July 29.

In conclusion, the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan would like to ask all our compatriots to objectively and carefully evaluate the information received, not to make hasty conclusions and statements, try to positively influence the mood of athletes and fans and support the national team of Uzbekistan at the Olympic Games in every possible way.

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