1 May 2021 493

The preparation of the Olympians for vaccination has begun

An online meeting was held with the participation of the deputy chairman of the NOC Sherzod Tashmatov on strengthening control over the epidemiological situation in our national teams, increasing the popularization of sports, conducting selection, in order to select reserve athletes for the main team, as well as preparing our athletes for vaccination, who will take part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The event was attended by the director of the RNPCSM at the NOC Abdushukur Sadikov, representatives of sports federations and associations, employees of the NOC.

During the event, the Deputy Chairman of the NOC outlined the issues included in the agenda.

"The Republican College of the Olympic Reserve is the main educational institution where the promising young generation, representing the main part of our national teams, is trained. Taking this into account, we need to pay as much attention as possible to the students of this college, as well as to conduct a selection among the talented youth of the institution. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation with the Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports and the Center for Advanced Training. We also need to pay attention to the process of popularizing the field of sports and for this purpose, at least once a month, large-scale mass competitions should be held in the regions. In addition, we will take additional measures to protect the health of our athletes and strengthen epidemiological control," Sherzod Tashmatov said.

One of the main issues on the agenda of the meeting was the study of the condition of our athletes who are preparing for the Olympics before vaccination, taking a blood test from athletes. In this regard, Abdushukur Sadikov discussed the plan with representatives of the federations, which was developed on May 1. According to him, from today, representatives of the gymnastics and wrestling team (athletes, coaches, massage therapists, doctors, etc.) will take in-depth blood tests.

At the end of the event, opinions were expressed on the issues considered, as well as tasks were set for officials.

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