11 February 2021 3132

Ilias Iliadis: Passion in guys pleases me

Currently, the adult national team of Uzbekistan in judo takes part in the international training camp in the Turkish city of Antalya. In addition to Uzbekistan and the hosts, the strongest national teams of Azerbaijan, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Switzerland also train at this training camp, which will last until February 14.

"Preparations for the Tel Aviv tournament are going according to plan. This gathering, like all participants, becomes useful for us. First of all, I am happy with the guys ' self-confidence and enthusiastic approach to training. I hope that sparring matches with famous judoists will also serve us well. The most important thing is that the judokas can demonstrate the skills gained from this meeting at the competitions in Israel. It's one thing to learn, quite another to put it into practice. Based on this, I ask, I demand from the guys to increase their self-confidence even more. Before the Olympics, there are still finger luge competitions. We need to try to get the maximum points from each tournament, " said the head coach of the national team Ilias Iliadis.

For reference, the training camp in Antalya is the final stage of preparation for the upcoming Tel Aviv Grand Slam tournament for all national teams.

Press service of the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan

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