24 February 2022 2481

On the first day of the Asian Championship, 4 domestic fencers made it to the finals!

As we reported earlier, the Asian Fencing Championship among juniors and youth is currently being held in Tashkent. Today, on the first day of the competition, 4 of our compatriots won tickets to the decisive part of the tournament.

In the rapier competitions among girls, Marjona Usmanova defeated rivals from Iran and Hong Kong and made it to the final. She will compete with a representative of Thailand for the gold medal.

It should be noted that young men also perform more than successfully in sabre competitions. Our two talented athletes Allaniyaz Eshchanov and Islambek Abdazov have beaten all their opponents and will now compete against each other in the final. Also, the domestic skewer Meyirkhan Timurov will compete for the championship title of the continental starts. Kazakhstan's Bogdan Lukin will face him in the final.

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