16 February 2022 2601

Rustam Shaabdurakhmanov: "The guys need to be given the spirit of a winner!"

A conference was held on the ZOOM platform with the participation of the leadership of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, the Cycling Federation, coaches and athletes of the national team who are currently at the international TCB in Turkey.

We talked about how much everything has changed in recent years and how it has affected cycling. The attention paid by the President personally to the development of cycling throughout the republic, the efforts of the Chairman of the Cycling Federation Tanzila Narbayeva, the public's concern — as a result, the visual achievements of our cyclists at various international competitions, the appearance of professional clubs, international training camps. Separately, it was noted that two juniors from the national team began to play for the French club.

During the conference, along with technical questions about the preparation of the guys for the upcoming races this Saturday and Sunday, the implementation of the work plan for the TCB, the physical condition of athletes, their nutrition, the Chairman of the NOC Rustam Shaabdurakhmanov paid attention to each athlete, held a roll call and wished success in the future.

The NOC of Uzbekistan promised to assist in obtaining Olympic scholarships for members of the Tashkent city professional cycling team professional cycling club.

"We have to completely change our approach. Everyone made conclusions after the Tokyo Olympics. The path, the pool, the tatami - that's where we understand who is who. In Paris, you need to show yourself. We need to give the guys the spirit of a winner! Everything necessary will be provided from our side," the Chairman of the NOC said.

As for the plans, the cyclists will stay at the training camp in Turkey until March 21, then they will be waiting for the Asian Cycling Championship in Tajikistan. After that, the task was set to adequately prepare for the upcoming Asian Games and other international competitions.

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