16 February 2022 2300

A new system, new rules - for the sake of high achievements!

NOC Chairman Rustam Shaabdurakhmanov and Deputy Minister of Tourism and Sports Shakhrillo Makhmudov continue visits and meetings with representatives of the national teams preparing for the Hangzhou-2022 Asian Games and the Paris-2024 Olympics. Today, officials visited the Athletics Federation of Uzbekistan and, observing the training of representatives of the main team, met with a number of candidates for the national team in this discipline. The meeting was also attended by Federation officials headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Athletics Federation of Uzbekistan Andrey Abdukhakimov, as well as coaches.

In turn, the heads of the NOC and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports attached special importance to the new methodological approach in the training system.

"To date, all Federations are preparing according to the new system. Between periods, we will say goodbye to those athletes who will not be able to meet the standards, and instead we will look for other candidates through selection. We all see the increased attention and comprehensive support provided by the state in recent years. You probably saw the President's decisions announced yesterday on preparations for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. There are figures that have a very big motivational character. This shows how much attention is paid to our athletes. We ask you to work actively and glorify the Motherland, thereby becoming famous athletes”" said Rustam Shaabdurakhmanov.

During the meeting, the responsible persons were given the necessary instructions to improve the experience of athletes, provide the team with the necessary equipment. The officials also talked with the new athletes-candidates for the national team, exchanged views on their plans and goals.

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