10 February 2022 3087

Sports doctors exchanged opinions on the issues of servicing our athletes

In order to further improve the quality of medical care for our athletes, the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Sports Medicine at the NOC is doing a lot of work. At today's event held on the ZOOM platform, which was attended by sports doctors, a number of issues in this area were discussed.

First, the Doctor of Medical Sciences, neurologist Zieda Akbarkhodzhayeva shared her knowledge, who improved her qualifications in the field of Biopsiing methods and the use of this equipment. After that, the participants received comprehensive answers to their questions.

It should be noted that sports doctors working in Federations also took part in the meeting. Then the doctors exchanged views on further improving the service of our athletes, strengthening medical support and attention to them, eliminating shortcomings in this direction.

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