24 December 2021 370

Presidential instructions in control

The head of our state has signed a number of resolutions and decrees on further promotion of healthy lifestyle, physical culture and sport in our country, increasing the success of our athletes in the international arena. Today, under the leadership of the head of the MOQ Rustam Shoabdurahmonov, a meeting was held with the commissioners on the implementation of the tasks assigned to the Moq of Uzbekistan in these normative documents.

During the conversation, the chairman of the NOC studied in detail the current state of the execution of assignments in each direction.

“We must carry out the tasks and instructions of our respected President without words. We will continue the initiatives initiated by our compatriots on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. In this case, the tasks in all directions are analyzed in detail, we work with the established responsible organizations, officials. These normative documents and assignments are important in raising the potential of the New Uzbekistan in the field of sports,” Rustam Shoabdurahmonov said.

At the meeting, instructions were given on in-depth study of such directions as detailed consideration of the calendar of the competitions determined to conduct mass sports promotion in the presidential resolutions, provision of preparations for the “Tashkent-2025” Youth Asian Games, activities of the international wrestling Institute with more modern methods.

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