8 December 2021 1398

Congratulations to Pavel Khan!

Today, the head coach of the national team of Uzbekistan on taekwondo WT Pavel Khan celebrates his birthday.

Khan Pavel Afanasevich was born in Tashkent in 1984 year. It has been working effectively in coaching activities for several years now. His education on the basis of modern methods is being developed in the international arena by many taekwondists who are worthy of defending the honor of our country. In particular, the champion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Ulugbek Rashitov is engaged exactly under the hands of this specialist. Evazi was awarded the honorary title of "sports teacher who served in the Republic of Uzbekistan" this year.

Congratulating the National Scientist of Uzbekistan Pavel Khan on his birthday, he wishes him long life and good health.

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