11 September 2021 1709

Participants of Tokyo-2020 won the championship of Uzbekistan

The fencing championship of Uzbekistan among young men under 23 years has ended in the city of Chirchik. Thanks to this competition, the coaching staff of the national team has formed the main squad for the upcoming international tournaments.

In the program of the last day of the competition, the winners and prize-winners in the sabre were determined. As expected, participants of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Zainab Dayibekova and Sherzod Mamutov won the singles competition. More detailed:

Singles, girls:
1. Zainab Dayibekova (Karakalpakstan)
2. Gulistan Perdebayeva (Karakalpakstan)
3. Venera Israilova (Tashkent region)
3. Shanoza Togaimurodova (Tashkent)

Singles, guys:
1. Sherzod Mamutov (Karakalpakstan)
2. Fazil Genjebayev (Karakalpakstan)
3. Bobur Rasulov (Tashkent)
3. Zhaloliddin Dushamboev (Tashkent region)

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