10 September 2021 1566

In Chirchik, our young fencers compete

The fencing championship of Uzbekistan among young men under 23 continues in the city of Chirchik.

During the rest of the day, the winners and prize-winners in rapiers were determined. According to him, Umida Ilesova from Samarkand won among the girls, and Akhmadillokhon Solihozhiyev from Andijan won among the boys. Batafasil:

Singles, girls:
1. Umida Ilyasova (Samarkand)
2. Marzhona Usmanova (Andijan)
3. Kamila Mirzayeva (Tashkent)
3. Medinabona Parpieva (Tashkent)

Singles, guys:
1. Akhmadillokhon Solihozhiyev (Andijan)
2. Anvarkhon Solihozhiyev (Andijan)
3. Muslimbek Mirzaalimov (Andijan)
3. Muhammad Yusuf Asranov (Andijan)

Collectively, girls:
1. Tashkent
2. Andijan
3. Ferghana

Collectively, guys:
1. Andijan
2. Tashkent
3. Ferghana

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