2 May 2021 2982

A medical examination of our national teams has begun before the start of vaccination

Work has begun to check the health status of our national teams preparing for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games before the start of vaccination against coronavirus. According to the schedule developed by the staff of the RNPCSM at the NOC, the national teams of Uzbekistan in gymnastics and wrestling were the first to be examined.

First, the officials visited the base of our wrestlers, where they took blood tests and PCR tests from athletes, coaches and doctors. And representatives of women's wrestling will pass tests on May 3.

Other members of the working group visited the base of our representatives in rhythmic gymnastics. It should be noted that they were vaccinated with the drug "Sputnik V" during the collection in Russia. Therefore, during the visit, the health status of our athletes, coaches, doctors and massage therapists was examined.

According to the results of the examinations, it was revealed that none of the athletes has serious health problems.

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