22 November 2020 2770

Aram Vardanyan: "The qualifying matches did not lag behind the final”

As you know, on November 17-19, the Uzbek Wrestling Championship was held in Navoi. At the first competitions among adults, which took place after a long quarantine, representatives of Greco-Roman, freestyle and women's wrestling from the Republic of Karakalpakstan, all regions and the city of Tashkent took to the carpet. In just three days, the winners and prize-winners in 30 weight categories were named.

We interviewed Aram Vardanyan, the medalist of the World Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship, who rose to the podium in the 72 kg weight category. He rose to the highest step of the podium, defeating Alizhon Huseynov from Navoi in the final.

– Aram, you're finally back on the carpet after a long break. At the moment, the competition was very necessary. What were your general impressions?

- Yes, very correct. We all missed the competition. We took part in the competition after an eight-month break. The world of impressions. I'm happy to be a champion. The wrestlers who were not among the prize-winners also returned from Navoi in a good mood. Because for a long time we did not participate in competitions.

- Unfortunately, the Pandemic situation has not kept its word. This is also reflected in the results…

"Exactly the same. The big break still had an impact. A lot of people have had the disease on their own. Personally, I also overcame the coronavirus. There's no need to hide it. The opponents also struggled. In a word, it was not easy for anyone. But the championship competitions were uncompromising. The qualifying matches did not lag behind the final.


– What are your plans now?

– We were supposed to take part in the World Cup in December. However, the biggest tournament of the year in Serbia was cancelled due to the current situation. The World Cup will be held on the site of the World Cup. It is not yet known whether we will participate in this competition. In the absence of competitions, our training camp is held. We are preparing for the Olympic license tournament.


Press service of the Wrestling Association of Uzbekistan

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