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Basic rules of motivational presentations

Prepare your presentation so that your audience or readers can then do something. The result of the presentation begins with the correct goal setting. What do you want to achieve with your presentation? Just getting everyone in the boardroom, showing the slides, and checking the box labeled "presentation" doesn't mean it's a result.

However, the global or"over the horizon" goal of your presentation may be to get people to think about ecology and start sorting garbage in the future.

When, after your presentation, your audience does something that will help you overcome your difficulties, rather than something that will help you earn money, you will get the maximum response, benefit and joy. When setting goals for your presentation, keep a balance between practicality and dreaminess.


The structure of a strong presentation has basic points through which it must pass. The formal implementation of these points will not help to achieve the result through the presentation. Follow the integrity of the structure of your presentation: after placing the structure on a piece of paper, stickers, or main-card, speak, listen, and adjust on the voice recorder.

Mind-kart – mind mapping) - a tool for building goals. It's like an idea tree, where you have a reader-the topic and purpose of your presentation, the central image. Around it, you need to draw branches – subheadings of the future presentation-and fill them with content. In the mind map, it is convenient to move branches and quickly delete items.


The main purpose of Presentation Design is not to please the person who created it, but to create the right message for the target audience.

Convenience, impressiveness, and brightness are the three presentation design parameters that you can use to control the result of your presentation.

Usually people use brightness, but this is only one of the ways, and not always the optimal one. For each specific task, you need to select one key parameter. No need to mix all three.


Remove the load of knowledge from your audience. Make your presentation as simple as possible. Minimalistic slides are the best way to achieve this, especially if you are not a designer.


The presentation should create an impression about your product. What does it look like? For example, expensive, premium, eco-friendly. If your presentation has a strong structure, you can create an impression using text slides and a well-chosen font.


If you are competing for customer attention with many other projects, the design of your presentation should help you stand out from them.


If the audience had to work hard to understand the essence of the presentation, and they were tired, then the speaker missed or neglected this stage. A clear knot, a climax, and a finale are the foundation of successful work. Practice until your story looks like a mosaic.

Short rules for a successful presentation

What helps your presentation:

Do not delay the introduction and do it on the topic,
do not think about the problem
support your thesis with evidence
answer the questions and objections of the audience in the presentation,
at the end of the presentation, specify the call to action and the next steps.
How to ruin even the best Presentation:

Commenting on your own presentation
apologizing to the audience
to fill the audience with abstract words,
overloading the audience with unnecessary information,
whispering or shouting
Use of unconfirmed evidence.

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