18 July 2020 3718

The shape of the universe can be flat

Based on new data on dark energy, some researchers now believe that the universe is completely flat.

A group of authors from the University of Portsmouth has developed methods for astronomically measuring energy effects: The universe may be spatially flat and not look like a bubble, as previously thought.

Previously, researchers have analyzed dark energy by observing supernovae at long distances. Instead, the Portsmouth team studied more than a million quasars and galaxies.

The findings are likely to stop the long-standing debate about the Hubble constant, which describes the principle of the expansion of the universe. However, when talking about its flat shape, the researchers do not mean that it looks like an ever-expanding sheet of paper. More research is needed to determine whether the universe can be curved into a narrow shape (resembling a narrow bowl and "flat" in cosmological concepts).

According to cosmologist Seshadri Nadathur, precise measurements of dark energy are currently being made. Soon, scientists will learn even more about this mysterious phenomenon.

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Source https://www.gismeteo.ru/news/science/forma-vselennoj-mozhet-okazatsya-ploskoj/

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