25 February 2022 2676

Equestrian competitions within the framework of the Cup of the Governor of the Tashkent district and the open championship of the capital

The equestrian club "Furqon Stables" held a competition in various age groups. Talented athletes took part in the open championship of the capital and the Khokim Cup of the Tashkent district.

More than 60 young and promising athletes, as well as potential riders, lost in the competition. The competitions were rich in persistent struggle not only by the average eminent and professional athletes, but also in some categories the debutant athletes managed to take the starting places. And this, in turn, proves once again that Equestrian sports are becoming more and more popular among children and newlyweds in our side.
Winners and prize-winners of competitions:

Children 12-15 years old, 100 cm (height of obstacles):
1. Boburjon Valizhonov - "Abaja Dos Dorados" (nickname of the horse)
2. Khorun Mirvokhidov – "Khokim”
3. Akbar Sharipov - "Kechmeker”

Children 16 years old, 100 cm:
1. Lochinbek Tokhirzhonov – "Kvintet G”
2. Malika Kamalova - "Kristal –
3. Angelina Riksibayeva – "Lotto"

Average adults, 110 cm:
1. Azam Tolibboev – "Klass C”
2. Ermukhammad Fozilkhuzhaev – "The Artist"
3. Begzod Ruzamukhamedov - "Arnella"

120 cm:
1. Dilmurod Abdurakhmonov – "Calibri”
2. Azam Tolibbeev – "Kontendro”
3. Mirzohid Musayev – "Balus Komtes"

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