25 February 2022 3373

Another Russian fencer won the Asian Championship

In Tashkent, the next day of the continental fencing region with juniors and youth was assured. It is gratifying to note that the program of this course is just as hasty for the current assembly, which has won 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Today, teenage girls competed on the sword and fasl, and young men competed on the rapole. In today's program satisfactory days, our sabre player Fernanda Herrera Lara, having overcome all her injectors, won a Gold Breastplate. It is noteworthy that in the decisive part of the Yeisk opposite the other frightening leader, Ayakoz Zhumauratova is framed.

Her Rapier Radmir Semeneev won the silver medal, losing in the final to an opponent from the races, and Aziza Khamidova rose to the third place of honor in the competitors on the sword.

Fencing Championship (up to 17 liters.)
Coated sabre:
1. Fernanda Herrera Lara (Uzbekistan)
2. Ayakoz Zhumamuratova (Uzbekistan)
3 . Veronika Vasilyeva (Australia)
3. Samira Shokova (Uzbekistan)

Rapier, boys:
1. Tit Nm Chen (Hong Kong)
2. Radmir Semeneev (Uzbekistan)
3. Rural Jamoat (Thailand)
3. Chi Shun Yuen (Hong Kong)

Sword, besushki:
1. Hailyn Chen (Hong Kong)
2. Zee Cheng Chung (Singapore)
3. Aziza Khamidova (Uzbekistan)
3. Loch (India)

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