15 November 2021 1866

Поздравляем Мухаммадкадыра Абдуллаева!

Olympic boxing champion Mukhammadkadir Abdullayev celebrates his birthday today.

Mukhammadkadir Abdullayev was born on November 15, 1973. Asian and world boxing champion, winner of the Continental Games. At the main starts of the quadrennial Sydney 2000 became the Olympic champion. It should be noted that this is the first gold in the history of Independent Uzbekistan at the Summer Olympic Games. In professional boxing, he also has a solid level. For his achievements, Abdullayev was awarded by the government of our country the medal "Shukhrat", the order "El-Yurt Khurmati", as well as the honorary titles "Honored Athlete of the Republic of Uzbekistan", "Uzbekistan Iftikhori".

The National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan congratulates the boxer on his birthday, wishes him good health and success.

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