30 October 2021 1019

The Namangan Open Taekwondo tournament continues in full swing

The second International Open Championship of Namangan region in Taekwondo WT, which is included in the Olympic Games program, is in full swing at the Pahlavon sports complex, where the specialized children's and youth sports school for gymnastic sports of Namangan city is located. By this point, the dispute about the cougar between the adult kerugi and teenagers had come to an end.

Non-partisan. All over the world:
1. Tashkent region
2. Namangan region
3. Ferghana region

Kerugi. Among teenagers around the world:
1. Ferghana region
2. Nazaraliev Tim (Tashkent)
3. Tashkent region

Worldwide among adults:
1. Ferghana region
2. Tajikistan national team
3. Tashkent region

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