30 October 2021 1590

Our classic wrestlers went to the World Championship

From November 1 to November 7, the Youth (U 23) World Sports Beard Championship will be held in Belgrade, Serbia.

Uzbek national teams in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling will also take part in the World Championship among wrestlers up to twenty-three Light. Today, the first delegation in Greco-Roman wrestling took off in a collision of the Tashkent–Istanbul Belgrade flight.

Greco-Roman wrestling boltav:
Up to 55 kg: Botirov volunteers
Up to 60 kg: Mukhammadkhodir Yusupov
63 kg: perfect Kuziev
Up to 67 kg: Mahmud Dadilloev
Up to 72 kg: Zhamol Dzhumaboev
Up to 77 kg: Dilshod Omongeldiev
82 kg: Muhammad-Rasulovsky district

Also , taking into account the fees abroad , the glorious Steel will take part in the following composition:

Up to 57 kg: Arslan Rakhimov
Up to 61 kg: Chief Ruzimov
Up to 65 kg: Abbas Rakhmonov
Up to 70 kg: Begigon Kuldashev
Up to 74 kg: Asomiddin Khasanov
Up to 79 kg: Shtabek Salomov
Up to 86 kg: Bobur Islamov
92 kg: Rustam Shodiev
125 kg: prayer of the Abdurashids

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