There is less and less time left before the start of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. As in other competitions, there is an accreditation process for participation in the Olympiad. We would like to inform you, representatives of the delegation and journalists about this process for the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

The accreditation card is valid from April 24 to October 6, 2020. It should be noted that the accreditation is also valid during pre-Olympic events and competitions.

This category of accreditation is for journalists. The quotas will be distributed based on the country's results at the last two Olympic Games and the number of licensed athletes. Uzbekistan was allocated 5 places (3 journalists and 2 photojournalists). Accreditation for journalists was closed on February 7 of this year.

This accreditation is for the official representatives of the delegation. They are issued to representatives of sports federations, coaching staff, doctors, psychologists, and technical workers. Registration of this category of accreditation will last until April 10, 2020.

This category of accreditation is for athletes. It should be noted that the above requirements apply to every licensed athlete. Sports federations provide information about applicants for a license, about athletes who will take part in licensed tournaments to the international department of the Olympic Committee of their country. Like” TEAM OFFICIAL", the registration of this accreditation category will last until April 10, 2020.

This category is intended for distinguished guests and dignitaries. This list includes the leaders and the government of the countries, their guards. Registration of this category will last until May 22 this year.

In general, all the documents submitted for accreditation must be of high quality. Applicants must submit the following documents:

• High-quality scanned copy of the passport for traveling abroad;
• The photo is 4x5, the pixel must be 480x600.
• The officially signed agreement of each delegate on participation
* Clearly defined delegate responsibilities

After submitting the documents, each representative of the NOC must register the representatives of the delegation through the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee system before the start of the Olympic Games.
Accreditation cards will be printed in May-June 2020.

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