3 June 2020 2669

Bitcoin News

Throughout the past week, members of the crypto community have been actively discussing the law "On Digital Financial Assets", trying to understand the sometimes ambiguous wording. For example, much has been said about the possible consequences of the amendment to the law, which imposes restrictions on the media when discussing new projects. Fortunately, the government responded almost immediately.

Chairman of the State Duma A. Asakov explained that the new initiatives of the Central Bank are related to attempts to preserve the assets of those members of the society who do not have the competence to identify unscrupulous new projects. Anatoly Asakov also added that the current holders of cryptocurrencies will not be affected.

At the same time, there was a heated discussion on the withdrawal of more than 300 thousand bitcoins from crypto exchanges. This fact caused a flurry of questions from users and traders.

The editorial board of CryptoHitrosti had previously predicted such activity on the part of the "whales" at the end of the halving.

The income of miners from BTC decreased several times.

The author of the Harry Potter books asked on Twitter to explain to her what bitcoin is (to which Elon Musk and Buterin kindly responded).

Samsung has announced that it has signed a deal with the crypto exchange and this will have a positive impact on the implementation of operations with cryptocurrency, as it will allow potential buyers of digital assets to carry out operations with cryptocurrency more quickly.

A source: https://zen.yandex.ru/media/id/5d3b6252ddfef600ad1356f1/odnim-mahom-obzor-poslednih-novostei-bitcoin-bitkoin-5ed0a7a3e0b1756ebf778f99

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