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Why smart people aren't always successful

Intelligence in its purest form is, of course, a significant advantage, but it alone is not enough. And sometimes it happens that intellectually gifted people do not achieve everything they strive for, because they interfere with themselves. Here are five problems that smart people most often have to face.

Smart people often underestimate such a valuable skill as the ability to build relationships.Smart people believe that having high intelligence, they will definitely succeed, and do not understand the importance of other skills. But in most cases, it takes more than just intelligence to move up the career ladder.
Decision. Don't try to change yourself. You just need a clear plan and a constructive approach. Choose, for example, three specific models of diplomatic behavior at work that should help you succeed in this area.

Very smart people can be irritated by teamwork. If a person grasps on the fly and makes high demands on their work, it can be difficult to work with people who need more time to process information and assimilate ideas. In addition, it is sometimes difficult for intellectuals to delegate tasks.
Decision. Be lenient with your inner reactions and try to understand their causes. Learn to truly appreciate the diversity of thinking of the rest of the team.

Smart people often associate a large part of their self-esteem with intelligence. If a large part of your self-esteem is related to intelligence, any situation in which you feel that you are not smart enough may seem threatening to you.
Decision. Take an objective look at the benefits of working with people who are smarter than you in some areas. By surrounding yourself with smart people, you are doing the right thing. Communicate with those people who can give you useful and constructive feedback.

Smart people get bored quickly. Being smart is not the same as being curious. But if you combine both of these qualities, then you quickly get bored of showing the same behavior over and over again. But the reason for career success often lies in the fact that you constantly perform a set of certain actions.
Decision. Look at the situation from the outside and try to understand that sometimes it is worth enduring boredom for the sake of an easy victory and success in general.

Smart people consider deep reflection to be the solution to all problems. Capable people are used to achieving success with the help of constant reflection, so sometimes they lose sight of situations when another approach will be more profitable.
Decision. Consider whether it is not wiser to apply other strategies to succeed.

By applying one of the above methods, you can even get rid of deep-rooted behaviors.

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