9 July 2020 1493

A quote from Jack London that will help save lives and money

Anyone who has ever lost everything will understand this. When we are young, we think that everything can be controlled and we have enough strength for everything. That we have the energy to cope with any challenge. Succeed. Earn a lot of money.

The young guys have not yet fully formed a critical mind. In addition, hormones are raging and require the commission of rash actions. Instincts push for various adventures in order to have time to accumulate more resources at a young age and present them to the woman you like.

This is essentially a race for survival. There is a lot to do, despite the fact that there are few resources and little experience. Senile wisdom can rather be called caution.

But caution forces you to limit yourself in everything, and the one who is too careful can come to the distribution last. We still need to take risks.

"When playing an unfamiliar game, don't make the first move." (Jack London)

First, knowledge and information, then a SWOT analysis of the situation and a solution.

And here, by the way, is another quote from Jack London that helped me in my life:

"You don't have to wait for inspiration, you have to chase it with a club."

This is about the fact that during your life you need to have time to do a lot. But it is very important to avoid situations where you can lose everything.

Source: https://zen.yandex.ru/media/mc45/citata-djeka-londona-spasshaia-mne-jizn-i-dengi-5ef82456e7cbcc2ed4f51844

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