11 July 2020 4468

Tips from Arthur Schopenhauer-author of " Aphorisms of Worldly Wisdom»

Arthur Schopenhauer (February 22, 1788-September 21, 1860) was a German irrationalist philosopher, a prominent representative of the post-classical philosophy of the XIX century. Many of the observations and thoughts of Arthur Schopenhauer still look modern and relevant today. One of the greatest works of the philosopher is the book "Aphorisms of worldly wisdom".

We invite you to read some quotes from this book.

"The ' normal', average person is forced to seek out the pleasures of life outside of himself: in property, rank, wife and children, friends, society, etc., and build up his happiness on them, so happiness collapses if he loses them or is deceived in them."

"The average person is concerned about how to kill time, but the talented person is eager to use it."

"It is necessary to refrain in conversation from any critical, even benevolent remarks: it is easy to offend a person, but it is difficult, if not impossible, to correct him."

"A happy life is impossible without the ability to find a common language with other people and establish harmonious relationships."

"Sometimes we think that we are longing for some remote place, when in fact we are longing for the time we spent there, being younger and more cheerful than now. So time deceives us under the mask of space."

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