21 March 2022 4767

Happy Navruz, dear residents of Uzbekistan!

Congratulations to all residents and guests of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the holiday of renewal and spring - Navruz! May this bright and wonderful, solemn day bring every family a lot of joy, warmth and comfort! May harmony and peace always reign in your hearts! We sincerely wish you only prosperity, well-being and success, so that your dreams always come true, and our compatriots continue to conquer the pedestals of honor on the world sports arena. So that the National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan will be played more often at the upcoming international tournaments! From the bottom of our hearts and hearts, we wish you only victories, because the multinational Uzbek people are behind you, who always sincerely believe and support you!

The staff of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan

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