13 November 2021 1497

The second day of the World Championship was fruitful for our sambo athletes

The second day of the SAMBO World Championship, held in the Yunusabad sports complex in the capital, ended successfully for our team.

As part of this day, our compatriots won 4 medals. Bahodir Bakiyev (combat sambo, -58 kg) and Ihtiyor Eshmurodov (-88 kg) won gold medals, while Ulugbek Rakhmonov (-79 kg) and Oybek Soliyev (combat sambo, -64 kg) were awarded silver medals.

-65 kg:
1st place: Yulia Grebenozhko (Ukraine)
2nd place: Azar Salikova (Kazakhstan)
3rd place: Sam Dun Van (Netherlands), Lucija Babic (Croatia)

-72 kg:
1st place: Alice Schlesinger (Israel)
2nd place: Dildash Kurishbaeva (Kazakhstan)
3rd place: Batetseg SOG-Ochir (Mongolia), Anastasia Khomyachkova (Russia)


-79 kg:
1st place: Uali Kurziev (Russia)
2nd place: Ulugbek Rakhmonov (Uzbekistan)
3rd place: Nedir Allaberdiev (Turkmenistan), Aidin Dartaev (Kazakhstan)

-88 kg:
1st place: Ihtiyor Eshmurodov (Uzbekistan)
2nd place: Sergey Ryabov (Russia)
3rd place: Sayidmukhammadriza Saidamani (Iran), Dimitro Stetsenko (Ukraine)

Combat sambo:
-58 kg:
1st place: Bahodir Bakiyev (Uzbekistan)
2nd place: Alexander Nesterov (Russia)
3rd place: Sergey Shilov (Moldova), Nurken Dombayev (Kazakhstan)

-64 kg:
1st place: Sheikh-Mansur Habibullaev (Russia)
2nd place: Oybek Soliev (Uzbekistan)
3rd place: Adilbek Seissov (Kazakhstan), Yauhen Mikno (Belarus)

Thus, the number of medals won by our compatriots in two days is 2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze.

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