What was the reason for Shahram Giyasov's return to amateur boxing? When will he fight for the title of champion?

Among the boxers who conduct a training camp at the Yangiabad base in the Tashkent region is Shahram Giyasov. Of course, many people wonder why a professional boxer trains with amateurs. We asked Giyasov about his return to amateur boxing and plans for the future.

— Why did you return to amateur boxing again? What was the reason?
— The reason was the "challenge" that I threw myself. After I started performing in the pro ring, many people believe that I have completely become a professional. My goal is to achieve high results in both professional and amateur boxing. I have to prove that I have not worked in vain all this time and have given up a lot. When I set a goal for myself, I must definitely achieve it. Now I want to raise the flag of our country and win a gold medal. This is my "challenge".

— When will you return to the professional ring?
- I hope that I will reach the final of the World Championship and win gold. After that, I will leave for the USA within 3-4 days.

— Now in sparring you work more with Iglesias. A lot of time has passed since your fight and of course you are not fully opening up to each other now. However, do you feel any changes in your opponent?
— It's been 4 years since our last fight. Over the years, he gained good experience in amateur boxing, became an Olympic champion. And I entered the pro ring 11 times. He is a very worthy opponent. So far, we have encountered 3 times. Yes, we have not fully revealed ourselves to each other yet, we are trying to keep our secrets. Everything will be decided in the ring.

— How do you feel looking into each other's eyes? Let's say during sparring.
- Laughter (laughs). If we look seriously, we will definitely laugh. We already know each other very well. If we enter the ring together, the winner will be the one who has the advantage in physical and psychological terms.

- Akhmadaliyev has already won championship belts in professional boxing, Madrimov becomes a mandatory contender. When will it be your turn?
- We are planning next year. I hope that in 2022 I will achieve what I want and win the title of champion.

- We wish you good luck and bright victories!
- Thank you.

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