The working group of the Asian Olympic Council visited the NOC

As it is obvious, our country is doing a lot of work to host major complex sports competitions in the future. In particular, hosting Asian Games for teenagers and Asian Games, 2025 and 2030 respectively. A number of representatives of the Asian Olympic Council (AOC) are being currently in our country. Their main goal is to thoroughly explore the potential of Uzbekistan to host the above-mentioned competitions. During the two days, representatives of the International Organization visited a number of sports venues in Tashkent. The delegation headed by Honorary and Lifelong Vice President of AOC Wei Jijong visited the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan today to share his conclusions. The guests were greeted by NOC President Rustam Shoabdurakhmanov. The meeting was also attended by Oybek Kasimov First Deputy Minister of Physical Education and Sports.

At the meeting, Wei Jijong read out the final report of the delegation. “I visited Uzbekistan four years ago. I have seen tremendous changes compared to that time. And this means that your country is much more developed. We do not mind that the Asian Games will be held in Uzbekistan. If we don’t mention some of the little things that can be eliminated in the shortest possible time, we believe that your country will now be able to hold a high level of competition. In particular, Everything is done especially for football, taekwondo, judo, wrestling sports, weightlifting, tennis, golf, archery and shooting. But the Asian Games need a different approach. This is somehow a big competition. There are some works to be done on technological and logistical potential of the country But I must say that the main thing is that, you have enough potential to take the Asian Games. This is primarily due to the support of your President personally and your people’s love of sports. With these aspects, elimination of the remaining shortages is not a big issue,” Wei Jijong said.

In turn, Rustam Shoabdurakhmanov also mentioned the plans being developed in our country to host the Asian Games and how much our government supports this initiative.

“First of all, we express our deep gratitude to you and the Asian Olympic Council , who, without ignoring our application, sent a delegation to our country. As you have mentioned, the head of our state is paying great attention to sports. The concept of involving our youth in physical education and sports is considered at the state level. Your recommendation is very valuable to us. On these directions we carry out the following stages of preparation. Our government supports the construction of sports venues. Large programmes have been launched with the Ministry of Physical Education and Sport. I can freely tell you that if the international organisation trusts both competitions to Uzbekistan, we will be able to hold them at a high level,” Rustam Shoabdurakhmonov said.

During the meeting, representatives of the delegation gave additional information on the requirements set by international federations for each type of sport, the procedures for holding these competitions. The next part of the negotiations will continue at the meeting of the Asian Olympic Council, which will be held on September 28 in Doha. There, Uzbek delegations  will present their presentation to the participants of the meeting on conducting competition.

29 September, 2019|Featured, News|