NOC of Uzbekistan

National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan is non-governmental non-profit organization and fulfils its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Olympic Charter and the NOC Statute.

National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan performs range of important functions on development of physical culture and sports in the country. The main functions of the NOC can be divided into internal and external.

The internal functions of the NOC Uzbekistan are:

  • Development and protection of the Olympic movement in Uzbekistan on basis of principles, laid in the Olympic Charter;
  • Promotion of physical and spiritual education among the population of country;
  • Assistance to the development of mass physical culture and sport, national sports, sports for disabled;
  • Assistance to the state and public sports organizations in preparation of national teams and their reserve;
  • Youth education on principles of fair play, noble relation to competitor, in the spirit of mutual understanding and friendship among peoples;
  • Promotion of ideas of Olympism and Olympic education in Uzbekistan, acquaintance of the community with achievements of Uzbek athletes;
  • Organization of conferences, seminars and courses on experience exchange and professional development of sports specialists;
  • Participation in the creation of funds and charitable organizations in support of sport;
  • Protection of athletes, coaches, judges and sports veterans.

The external functions of the NOC Uzbekistan are:

  • Strengthening of the position and enhancement of prestige of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the international level;
  • Representation of the delegation of the country at the Olympic Games, Asian games, World Youth Games and Central Asian games;
  • Development of sports cooperation with International Olympic Committee (IOC), Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) , National Olympic Committees of other countries and international sports organizations;
  • Participation in the “Olympic Solidarity” programmes;
  • Assistance to the republican sports federations and organizations on improvement of their activity with international sports associations;
  • Establishment and realization of business contacts with foreign institutions, organizations and companies on matters within the competence of the NOC of Uzbekistan;
  • Representation of interests of sports organization and Olympic Movement of Uzbekistan in the international organizations;
  • Membership in international (non-governmental) organizations in accordance with legislature of Uzbekistan;
  • Establishment of international relations, conclusion of agreements with sports association of the countries and regions.

NOC of Uzbekistan has carried out internal functions since its establishment on January 21st , 1992. After recognition of the International Olympic Committee during the 101st session in September 1993, National Olympic Committee got right to implement external functions.

National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan consists of:

  • President, Secretary General and Vice-presidents of NOC Uzbekistan;
  • Members of the International Olympic Committee, residing in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • National Federations, members of International federations of the sport included to the Olympic Games programme or their representative, who shall be the major of NOC votes and its Executive Board. NOC cannot recognize more than one National Federation on each sport, governing by the respective International Federation.
  • Non-Olympic and national sports Federations Representatives;
  • Representatives of sports organizations of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and Tashkent city, nominated in democratic way, on general meetings of sports organizations;
  • Representatives of state governing bodies of physical culture and sport, voluntary sports associations and departments;
  • Representatives of athletes, participants of forthcoming or foregoing Olympic Games (however, the latter is excluded from the number of elected to the end of the third Olympic Games after the last Olympic games in which they took part);
  • President of National Olympic Academy of Uzbekistan;
  • Representatives of sport journalists federation;
  • Individuals, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, assisting in successful activity of NOC or making significant contribution to the development of the Olympic movement (outstanding figure of culture, science, public and others etc);
  • Honorary members of NOC Uzbekistan;
  • Organizations representatives, rendering material and financial assistance to NOC activities.

The Governing Bodies of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan are the following:

  • General Assembly;
  • Executive Board;
  • Bureau of Executive Board.

General Assembly

The powers of the General Assembly are the following:

  • To considerate issues, related to the development of the Olympic movement in the Republic of Uzbekistan and appropriate decision-making;
  • To make decision on selection of cities of the Republic as candidates for the Olympic Games, Asian Games and other sports events, held under the auspices of IOC or OCA;
  • To approve the programmes on activities of NOC Uzbekistan for the forthcoming period.
  • To considerate and evaluate reports on activities of Executive Board and Auditing commissions for current year and quadrennial period;
  • To make decision on membership in the NOC;
  • To elect President, vice-presidents, Secretary General, members of executive board and auditory commission;
  • To recognize the republican sports federations and equated associations.

Executive Board

In the period between General Assemblies, the NOC activities shall be governed by the Executive Board. General Assembly established numerical composition of Executive Board.

Executive board of NOC Uzbekistan consists of:

  • President
  • Vice-presidents
  • Secretary General
  • Executive board members

Executive board is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the observanc of the present Charter;
  • Determination of agenda, date and location of the General Assembly;
  • Approval of budget, financial and administrative regulations of NOC Uzbekistan activities, as well as control of its compliance;
  • Approval of standing commissions list, determination of their scope of activities and competences;
  • Execution of General Assembly instructions;
  • Proposals on recognition of new NOC Uzbekistan members, encouragements of NOC members and applying sanctions in respect of NOC members in case of their violation of the present Statute;
  • Consideration of contracts, agreements and other acts formation, made by NOC Uzbekistan;
  • Consideration and decision-making on questions regarding preparation and participation of Uzbekistan national teams at the Olympic, Asian games and other international multi-sports competitions, held under auspices of IOC or OCA;
  • Decision-making on athletes’ applications, offered by corresponding national federations. Assurance of accordance (in every respect) of all applications, offered by NFs to the Olympic Charter’s provisions;
  • Providing members of sports delegation with outfit, transportation and accommodation;
  • Conclusion of insurance agreement  against accidents (disability, death, and illness, medical and pharmaceutical costs) in favor of sports delegation members and liability to third parties. EB is responsible for behavior of sports delegation members;
  • The Executive Board meets as required, but not less than three times in a year. It may also be convened by decision of the NOC President or on request of at least 1/ 3 of Executive Board’s members;
  • The Executive Board may make decisions, if only the Meeting is presented not less than half of its members;
  • The decisions are made by open, majority vote of the Executive Board’s members. In case of equality of votes, the President’s vote is decisive.