Asian games

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) controls a variety of Games, these include the Asian Games which are the largest of them all, the different Games haves different concepts or themes.

The Asian Games, officially known as Asiad is a multi-sport event held every four years among athletes from all over Asia. The games are organised and regulated by the OCA under the supervision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The objective of the Games is to deepen friendship and promote sports and international exchange among the people of Asia. During their four-decade history, Asian Games have been advancing in all aspects. The quality of athletes, officials, sporting facilities has been developing through time.

New sports events have been added to the Games. At the same time, magnificent, traditional sports played by peoples in the region have also been introduced in order to preserve and even have them spread to other parts of the world.


Asian Games are considered to be a successor of a small-scale multi-sport event known as the Far Eastern Games, held in between a period of 1913 to 1938 among representatives of Japan, Philippine and China. The Games was cancelled due to the outbreak of World War II, and abandoned until 1951 Games.

During the 1948 Summer Olympics in London representatives of Asian countries discussed the idea of holding the Asian Games with the aim to show the spirit of unity and level of achievement in Asian sports. An agreement was made to form the Asian Athletic Federation (AGF). AGF was founded in 1949 during General Assembly in New Delhi. The Games were regulated by AGF from the first Games in New Delhi, India, until the 1978 Games. Since the 1982 Games have been organised by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), after the breakup of the Asian Games Federation.

Programme of Asian Games

Programme of Asian Games includes following sports:

  • rowing
  • athletics
  • badminton
  • basketball
  • baseball
  • boxing
  • wrestling
  • cycling
  • aquatics
  • volleyball
  • handball
  • gymnastics
  • golf
  • canoe kayak/sprint
  • judo
  • kabaddi
  • karate
  • equestrian 
  • cricket
  • table tennis
  • yachting
  • penchak silat
  • rugby
  • sepaktakraw
  • squash
  • modern
  • pentathlon
  • softball
  • soft tennis
  • shooting
  • archery
  • taekwondo
  • tennis
  • triathlon
  • weightlifting
  • wushu
  • fencing
  • football
  • hockey

The Asian Games include all traditional and popular sports. However, there are other sports which are still developing and becoming increasingly popular which means that many are not yet incorporated into the main program. Therefore the OCA established ideas to incorporate other non traditional games for example E- sports and extreme sports. In turn this then led to the development of various categories such as Winter Games, Beach Games, Martial Arts and Indoor Games, Youth Games.

Uzbekistan has been participating at the Asian Games since 1994.